No current workshops are planned until later in the summer – please do check back or keep an eye on Instagram.  Please do look below to see what type of workshops we have been doing . I will be working on heritage in school workshops and Creative places Island workshops this May and June  but hope to offer some workshops this July and August 2024. 

Photo by Jason Lee

Thursday February 1st 


10am – 1 pm 

with Anna Crudge 


Come along and share in the communal gathering of making St Brigids crosses on this day where we welcome the spring and celebrate the connection with Brigid, the Spring and our Crafts.We will learn to make 2 or 3 different types of crosses depending on abilities, using locally gathered field rushes.


Saturday February 10 th


10 am – 1 pm


This is an informal session which is not facilitated where we aim to meet, knit and also exchange tips on knitting techniques and skills. Please bring any surplus wool you would like to exchange with others and also old patterns / books or anything else knitting related.

Saturday February 10th   


with Susan Nares 

2pm – 5 pm

Cost € 35

 Introduction to Fair Isle knitting

Dating back to the ancient Egyptians, the beautiful art of coloured stranded knitting is not as tricky as it seems. In this workshop Susie hopes to demystify the basics of the style and get you started on your own colour work project.  If you can cast on and knit a row then you can learn to work with colour variation. During the workshop we’ll be looking at knitting in the round, understanding and following charts and we’ll also explore colour selection using traditional and contemporary ‘peeries’ (aka pattern repeats). All participants will receive a free original pattern to get them started.  Some materials will be available on the day, but if you have a stash of coloured wool and circular or double pointed needles then do bring them along.


Susie was introduced to knitting as a child in Inverness then, later she learnt the art of Icelandic knitting while working in Iceland for 3 years.  More recently, on moving to Ireland she took up the pins once more and went back to her Scottish roots to study the Fair Isle tradition in more depth.  


Wednesdays –  7th February  to  6th March

New Session  starting  Wednesdays 13th March


with Tamsin Blackbourn

choose your own project

Wednesday evenings 6.30pm – 9pm – 5 classes

Cost: €175

{ potential follow on class if overbooked starting March 13th }

Make up a garment of your own choosing in a small group setting where you’ll receive support and encouragement to learn basic sewing skills or restart an existing interest.

Using a commercial sewing pattern, you will be guided how to

make the pattern fit your body proportion

select the right fabric for your pattern

sew darts, insert a zip, make button holes, etc.
finish raw seam edges

hand sew as required

If you have use of a sewing machine, please bring it as it is better to learn on your own machine. A limited selection of fabric is available free of charge, a few other fabrics are available to purchase or bring your own if you have something you’d like to use.  Once you have signed up, Tamsin will be in contact to ascertain your level of experience and discuss your pattern and fabric ideas and preferences. You can choose  also from patterns she has used in classes before or a skirt, shirt or top.


Sunday February 18th


with Sonia Caldwell

10am – 1pm


Learn the beauty and delicate craft of straw work. We will  look at various plaiting techniques to suit your level – from simpler compass plaits to complex spiral plaits and learn what they can be used for. You will also be able to take home some straw to continue at home with some worksheets. We will also look into the craft of súgán chairs and súgán rope on the day 

Sunday February 18th


with Sonia Caldwell 

 2pm – 6pm


Making a  small coiled basket with Straw using both the traditional bramble  for binding, but we will also use other materials for binding to speed up the process if needs be. 


In our heritage craft of basketry, most coiled baskets which also included the Bee Skep were made by binding the coils with brambles. This practice is rarely done these days due to the timely nature of it but it is very rewarding to learn the process and to know how to make a basket from what is in your environment.

Saturday March 9th


with Sonia Caldwell

using twining technique

10am – 1pm


If you wish to attend both workshops, the second will be similar but a little more of a challenge but you will get to repeat and perfect the start which will be similar in both workshops.

Using common club rush or bulrushes as they can be referred to we will learn the craft of making these into a table mat. The rushes were gathered by a fresh water lake nearby. We will also explore the potential of  other materials you can source  that can be used for the same process. We will cover the preparing of the rushes, sorting, starting, twigs and finishing

Saturday March 9th

RUSH BASKETRY – booked out !

Sunday March 10th   2pm – 6pm – now taking bookings for this extra workshop  

with Sonia Caldwell

using twining techniques

2.00 – 6.00pm


Using common club rush or bulrushes as they can be referred to we will learn the craft of making these into small soft baskets . The rushes were gathered by a fresh water lake nearby. We will also explore other materials you can source that can be used for the same process. We will cover the preparing of the rushes, sorting, starting and working over a mould to shape a basket.