Limestone Bowls

Hand carved Limestone Bowls

Sonia carves these stone panels and bowls using Irish stone and hand chisels – they are then sanded with different grades to create a smooth finish. They are inspired by stylised designs, not only from Irish culture, but also from other sources and cultures.

When people first started carving and painting stone thousands of years ago, they had their own surroundings to inspire them. These days we are surrounded by images and inspiration from all cultures. With this in mind, and also the ideas that Sonia sourced from time spent travelling in Africa, Europe and America, she has created a collection of stylish images for everyone to enjoy.

Sonia also creates once-off pieces of fine art art sculpture. This can be seen at

Animals & Wildlife

Man & Culture

Abstract –



            The Stone

Kilkenny Limestone is a hard limestone quarried in the centre of Ireland, and has adorned many Irish and foreign buildings as well as being the main stone of choice for Irish sculptors.

Valentia Slate is sourced from a small quarry on Valentia Island, Co. Kerry, one of the most scenic places in Ireland. It was famously used to roof the Houses of Parliament in London.

     Stone Craft Pieces

They can be displayed indoors on a wooden stand (offered with the piece) or hung on a strong wall fixture.

Outdoors, they can also be hung on a strong wall fixture or they can also work well incorporated into the garden amongst rocks, plants or other garden features. They can also be set into a wall. Please specify this before you want to buy a piece and Sonia can help attach the right fixtures.

    Prices and ordering
  • All these pieces can be done to order.
  • Each piece is individually hand-carved working on the same design, so they may all vary slightly.
  • Prices here range approximately from €130 -400  { Larger pieces and custom made pieces  may cost more }
  • Contact Sonia directly to order one and to discuss costs, payment and postage.
  • Alternatively, Sonia can create pieces to your own design by commission.

Kilcoe Studios, Kilcoe, Skibbereen, West Cork, Ireland. Call us on +353 28 38946.

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