Stone Carving / Snoíodóireacht cloiche

Alongside Sonia’s illustration work, as seen here at Kilcoe Studios, she has had a long interest in making sculpture and relief work from stone by direct carving using mostly hand tools, much as it has been done for thousands of years.

How it Started

In 1995 Sonia visited Zimbabwe where there is a strong arts scene of stone carving. She took home with her the basic skills and life experience that set her up for working with stone to this day. She is still indebted to the Butler Rees family for this experience.

Get in touch with Sonia

Sonia prefers now to focus on more sculptural work for galleries and commissions but has also in the past worked on a number of smaller projects. The images here are an example of this work. If you are interested in more of Sonia’s sculpture work you can visit Sonia’s sculpture & fine art website