Rush Table Mat



These mats are  hand woven  here from rushes gathered locally in West Cork. The craft of Rush basketry and weaving was once a viable small craft industry in Ireland, especially up along the Shannon where there are plenty of rushes growing .

The material is the Common Club Rush that grows alongside freshwater lakes and large rivers.

Gaelic – Bogshifín  Latin – Schoenoplectus lacustris

All baskets and rush woven products are made by hand, it is not a craft that can been mechanised. Due to modern costs all the small Irish rural industries that made soft rush baskets have died out. Our rush baskets keep the craft alive but as they are made in according to Irish living and work costs they are not the same price as imported baskets !

DEPENDING ON STOCK SOME MAY NEED TO BE MADE TO ORDER – SO PLEASE ALLOW 5 – 10 DAYS FOR DELIVERY –  we will let you know the time when you order { or contact us before to check supply }

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22cm diameter