These Christmas card packs depict Winter scenes of two of our native wild birds, Siskin and Bullfinch on Hawthorn and Alder Trees

Each card is 125 cm x 175 mm.

Pack 1 – Bullfinch on Hawthorn  Pack  2 – Siskin on Alder

The inside of each card is left blank for your own seasonal message. On the back of each card are some interesting facts about the bird illustrated on the front.

Each pack of cards is packed with its own quality envelopes and wrapped for protection in a biodegradable pla plastic film made from corn starch.

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Siskin Birds on Winter Alder
Siscín ar Crainn Fearnóg
The Siskin is resident in Ireland all year long and is a member of the Finch family of birds. The Alder cones make up a large part of there diet in Winter. The Alder is a native Irish Tree.

Bullfinch on Hawthorn
Corcrán coille ar sceach Gheal
The Bullfinch is resident in Ireland all year round. They have a varied diet of seeds, insects, grains and berries, like these on the Hawthorn. The female is a paler colour than the male.



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