Heritage for schools scheme / Oidhreacht sna scoileanna

The Heritage for schools scheme is run by the Heritage council and involves a panel of about 160 specialists around the country who cover a very broad range of heritage activities across a wide range of heritage topics from nature to history and cultural heritage.


This has been a great platform for me to both explore my interest in heritage crafts and also my plant knowledge and then to share that with enthusiastic young children in primary schools. You will find my profile on the heritage for school site on the following link: View My Heritage In Schools Profile

Get in touch with Sonia

I can send, on request, a copy of ideas I might explore on a school visit. Broadly they usually cover creative ways to learn about nature [especially plants] and learning crafts using local materials. All workshops are hands-on and creative. You can email me on soniacaldwelleire@gmail.com or call on 0870667871