COTHÚ    Nourish

May 13th / 14th 

Weekend to Learn about our Wild plant Food culture and our Landscape

To enrich our Knowledge of how it can feed our Body, Mind and Soul

Talks, Foraging, Tastings and an Exhibition by local experts
happening at Kilcoe Studios, Ballydehob – opposite Camiers garage

SATURDAY – Talks and Tastings

10 – 11 – SONIA CALDWELL – Kilcoe Studios  See a bio below

Gathering wild plants for food throughout the season. My learning over the years – the best approaches, best resources, where to start and some samples of the most common edible plants. From hogweed, birch, sorrel, rosehips, dandelion roots, pignuts and lots of seaweed !


11.30 – 1 ROSARI KINSGSTON  Herbalist  –   See a bio below

Why Use Herbs and wild plants ? – In this talk, Rosari will look at some of the most common herbs and wild plants , how to use them, and why they are useful. She will focus on common herbs that grow wild as well as ones in the garden.

See a bio below

2.30 – 4  pm- MAX JONES – Up There The Last –  See a bio below
Traditions of the Sea
This is a talk and tasting to connect us to the past with foods from the wild, preserved by observing traditional methods. When we are able to honour and remember these techniques, done without plastic or chemicals, we can access a simple joy that is almost lost to us these days.

We are by the coast. Harvest when there is a glut, naturally preserve the excess to eat when there is not much around, and waste nothing. These are survivalist principals that have been with us for thousands of years, and when we step back we see that when we eat the food from our given geographical context, we actually become the landscape. We are made from where we are, and there is something hearty in that.


5 – 6pm   TASTING AND DISCUSSION – Please bring your favourite dish made with some wild food or there will be other tastings available – no charge.


Images inspired by wild food and the outdoors that are as fresh as the subjects they depict

SUNDAY – Outdoor Foraging

Both sessions will be joint led by Sonia Caldwell and Samuel Arnold Keane

These events will be short walks but please come dressed accordingly with wellies / bare feet for the seaside. They are aimed at the beginner forager who has gathered blackberries and maybe nettles and wants to expand their knowledge.

We will learn about how to identify different plants – especially in Spring, what to eat through the seasons and learning to look in the right habitats and learning {most importantly!} what is not edible

SEASIDE FORAGING – 8 am – 11am Meet at 7.30 in Ballydehob and we will car pool to a nearby shore. This is timed to coincide with low tide for seaweeds.
Fire/ tea and brunch on the shore about 10 am – weather permitting – If wet back at Kilcoe Studios .

HEDGEROW FORAGING – 12 – 2pm – for those not attending the morning session details will be sent on.

FINISHING EVENT – Gathering indoors for open discussion.


Talks – € 20 {€15 for first session with Sonia} Full day €50
Foraging – € 30 for morning with brunch/ €20 for afternoon Full day € 40 WEEKEND TICKET € 85
Book at or 0870667871 – see link button below

Concessions for children – please enquire

More info about speakers

Max Jones is the founder of traditional food conservation project Up There The Last, and seeks to learn and live with true artisans and obscure makers of traditional food, documenting essential practices that are at risk of becoming forgotten.
From rare cheese production in the depths of the Alps to traditional wild salmon smoking in Ireland, he seeks to gain knowledge to then share with others so they might be inspired to propagate the techniques that are steeped in tradition, offering reconnection to the land and sea through pre-industrial processes.

Rosari Kingston is a practicing herbalist and teaches on the subject of Irish Healing Tradition in the University College, Cork.Her interests include combining both the Irish vernacular tradition and modern research and recently she published Irelands Hidden medicine -An exploration of Irish indigenous medicine from legend and myth to the present day, 2021.

Sonia Caldwell has been researching plants thorough her work for Kilcoe Studios for many years and has also been gathering plants for both food and craft for as many years. Her work also with the heritage for school scheme takes her to schools to educate children about our heritage and how it connects with both the landscape and our plant life.

Samuel Arnold Keane is a multi talented performer artist and educationalist who has been called the ‘Urban forager’ . He has done foraging trips with children in Dublin and particularly is passionate both about the process of gathering seaweeds as much about them being part of a wholesome diet