Kilcoe Studios is home to quality craftsmanship, created by Sonia and Eamon Quinn where a balance is created between two of man’s most useful and beautiful materials – stone and wood which are complemented by detailed paintings and prints.

Eamon makes fine furniture from a mixture of Irish and European hardwoods, using age-old handcrafted techniques and Sonia makes stone pieces and reproduces watercolour illustrations .

Sonia Caldwell – Painting & Stonework

NEW-sonia-at-workSonia’s stonework is created mostly by hand using traditional chisels and mallets. She started her career doing sculpture and exhibited in galleries in Dublin. This collection of stone pieces creates an opportunity for people to own a piece of handcrafted Irish stone at an affordable price.

She takes her inspiration for these stone pieces from many sources, both Irish and international, using mostly stylised images and adapting them to suit the clean lines that the stone offers.

Her stone bowls and vessels offer a chance to show off Kilkenny Limestone at its best, creating the beautiful contrast between the rough stone and the polished exterior.

Sonia has also turned her detailed studies of nature into calendars and greeting cards for all to enjoy. They celebrate the beauty of the natural world. Trees, flowers, herbs and the garden are explored, along with their place in Ireland’s culture and heritage.

Each year Sonia works on a new collection of paintings on a different theme. These are printed as a calendar and a selection of images are offered as prints and greeting cards, some of which can be purchased in our online shop. The images are watercolour paintings that are painted from life in the studio.

Eamon Quinn – Fine Furniture

NEW-eamon-at-work-large-imageEamon builds functional furniture that combines clean lines with traditional joinery techniques. His preference is to work with Irish and European hardwoods. These are pieces of furniture for life that will stand the test of time.

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